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Writer thinks Lake of Sorrows is terrific

It’s always a big deal for us when other creatives enjoy our work! Thank you Melanie for coming to see Lake of Sorrows. “I thought it was terrific…. Director/choreographer, Andrea Andresakis, did a great inventive job…. And I was feeling lousy that day…and I still thought it!” –          Melanie Mintz, Television Author/ Playwright/ Screenwriter

New adaptation of “Lake of Sorrows” expands on Swan Lake’s dark essence

From two-dimensional melodrama to in-depth character study NEW YORK, August 1, 2017 – The beautiful princess is cursed to live her life as a swan, while another in disguise steals her prince. Swan Lake paints this tragic heroine into the canvas of our culture. But what of Rothbart, the “evil” sorcerer who has delivered this […]